Monday, June 1, 2009

6 down, 3 to go

Mom is now six months pregnant so in just three short months I should be making my debut. As you can see, she finally got around to taking a belly shot, but hopes to get some more flattering ones taken soon (where you can see more than just her belly).

My brother, Jonah, wanted in on the photo taking fun so I'll throw one in of him too.

Also in the news, Jonah had a birthday party this past weekend and will be three years old tomorrow. It's kind of fun because he has several friends born right around the same time as him and I will have a little network of friends right from the get-go too. Here's a photo of Mom and her two friends, Sara and Jocelyn, who are all due right around the same time. This photo was taken at Jonah's party on Saturday.

I have been very active lately and sometimes Mom wonders if I am doing jumping jacks. You can see me moving (just ask my Dad and Aunt Mary) right now when I really get going, but it won't be long before there isn't enough room for me to really move around.


  1. Heidi, you look so cute! What fun that your friends are due around the same time, too!

  2. This is Jocelyn's friend, Jerri! She told me to look on the blog for the photo of the three of you cute pregnant ladies! How fun! I'm so glad you posted that photo. It is so beautiful. I love pregnant bellies and loved being pregnant myself. What a wonderful time! Good luck with the babe #2. :)