Monday, August 3, 2009

My Finished Room

Mom finally took some photos of my finished room. She found a pottery barn bumper and crib skirt on ebay that matches perfectly with my room and it was super cheap. Yay!

Nana had a collection of tea cups that she wanted to get rid of and so Mom took them to use as a decoration on the wall. She also kept a few of her and Nana's old dolls and we put them on the tea cup shelf as well. Mom found the side table at an antique store and painted it white and added a cute knob that matches the light switch.

Here's a photo that shows the curtains (which Nana made when it was just a guest room) and the bookshelf with stuffed animals and porcelain dolls Nana and Mom made together in a class when Mom was just in middle school.

It's definitely a room fit for a girl. Mom has even worried about what she'd do if I were a boy instead. She could at least keep the walls yellow!