Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not quite here but not forgotten either

As many of you know, I am due to arrive sometime around the end of August. I will probably choose to arrive on the 28th because I'm sure my Aunt Mary would love to spend her birthday in the hospital with my laboring mother. Although my mom has yet to journal or even take a real pregnancy photo with me, I am confident she has not forgotten me. In fact, I have heard lots of talk recently regarding my new room. Truth be told, there wasn't a whole lot to do in there (the walls are already painted a nice yellow, curtains are made, etc.) but she has been doing a little cleaning in there as well as crafting to make it even more homey. I now have room in my closet to hang clothes and keep other baby essentials and there is even a crib and mattress waiting for me. She and Nana recently finished cutting out all the fabric for my quilt, which will match the curtains already hanging on my two windows. Mom also just finished making wooden letters with leftover fabric from my quilt and they are ready to hang on the wall above my crib. She figures she better wait until my dresser arrives (should be here in just about two weeks) to know exactly where she wants them. So, yes my room is just about ready. :)

I have also been noticing my brother, Jonah, has taken quite a liking to me in recent weeks. I guess it may have to do with the fact that I am making my presence known more and more as the days go on. Mom definitely looks pregnant now. My movements are much more noticeable and Jonah has even felt me move. I think he still thinks he is growing a baby brother in his tummy, but I wonder if he's noticed Mom's tummy is growing much faster than his own.

Here's a cute picture of Jonah giving me kisses.

Maybe next time I'll have a pregnancy picture of Mom and me for you.