Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring is Here!

Sure, we've had a lot of rain this past month but we've also seen some sun too. Here are a few photos of us enjoying these moments in the outdoors.

We went to the zoo as a family yesterday and were lucky enough to see most all the animals out. We all think the new lion exhibit is pretty neat!

Mom took this photo of me while we were waiting for Dad and Jonah to ride the zoo train.

Jonah loves to go out and ride his tricycle and new bicycle so lots of times Mom brings a blanket for us to sit on while we watch him ride. Jonah decided to come over and say hello and Mom snapped a quick photo of us.

Here are some pictures at the park.

Mom thought I matched the flowers at Nana's one day so she plopped me down for a quick photo op.

And here's one last one of me in pigtails for the first time. :)

I'm loving life as a 7 month old. I can sit for long periods of time, roll all over, and have even started talking. I say "dada," "baba," "mama," "wawa," and "hiya." Of course I have no idea what I'm talking about, but it sure sounds cute to everyone listening. I love to grab everything in my reach and stare at my hands. I also have gotten pretty good at getting up on my hands and knees and will rock back and forth. I have even scooted backward and forwards a few times while up off my tummy. I have not found any foods I am super fond of, but my doctor says I just have a really strong gag reflex and that I should figure out this eating thing by the time I am a year old. At least I am a fan of milk. :)