Monday, November 9, 2009

Friends and Family

Even though Jonah's blog gets a lot more action since most of our activities revolve around him, I do have some great friends already and lots of family members who love me. Just this past weekend my great Grammy and Grandpa Moore came to visit from the LA area. My family loves spending time with Grammy and Grandpa, so I was super excited to finally meet them. Jonah gets along great with them so of course I did too.

I also have had a few play dates in recent weeks with some kids my age. Jonah and his friends are great; don't get me wrong. However, I'd like to have friends of my own and so here are a few photos of my closest pals as of now.

Here I am with Jameson (Kate's little brother). We both attended a baby shower celebrating the upcoming arrival of my soon-to-be friend, Atticus.

Here I am with Payton (Jonah is friends with his big brother, Camden).

And I do have one girlfriend too, Sofi. Jonah wanted to be in this picture too. :)

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