Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Favorite Things

Now that I'm a big eighteen month old, I have formed quite a personality. I have no problem letting people know what I like and don't like. Here are just a few of my favorite things...

I love my little bear. I have to have him with me when I sleep so Mom is a little worried about losing him. He pretty much always stays in my crib for this reason.

I LOVE bathtime. Especially when it involves bubbles. :-)

I love water in general, so I can often be found playing at the sink.

I adore our cat, Allie, but I am still learning to play nice. When I am not pulling her tail, trying to pick her up, or hugging her a little too tight, we get along just fine.

I love to read books and, of course, I love "Jo Jo" too. Now that my brother is learning to read, hopefully he'll be able to read to me soon! I would love that!

I love my Dada very much. When he gets home from work, I can't wait for him to eat dinner so we can play!


  1. You are so very adorable! I hope I can come play with you soon, Queen Esther!

  2. Oh Esther Jane, you are such a beuatiful little girl. Wish we can see you guys more often.