Monday, August 3, 2009

Full Term

As of today I am a full-term baby. This means that if Mom were to go into labor today, there would be no stopping her. Last week Mom had an appointment with her midwife, Sharon, and found out I am in the same position my brother, Jonah, was when Mom went into labor. I am facing out which means Mom will have to deal with back labor again if I don't choose to move within the next few weeks. Even though this is not ideal, it's better than the position I was in a month ago, which was transverse, meaning I was sideways. Mom's midwife told her to spend some time each day on her hands and knees in hopes I turn a bit to one side. I am perfectly happy where I am, but Mom says back labor is no fun and would prefer if I found another position.

Mom and Dad went to a friends wedding this past weekend and although it was hot (the church was not air-conditioned and it was 100 degrees out that day), it was nice for them to go out for the night just the two of them. They hope to do it again at least one more time before my arrival.

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