Monday, August 3, 2009

My First Tea Party

Mom and Nana's friend, Jenny, wanted to have a tea party in honor of Mom and me. It was a very special tea party with wonderful food and decorations, but mostly it was wonderful because of the people who attended. Nana's closest friends, Jenny and her daughter Katie, Marcia, and Bonnie were there as well as Mom's closest friends, Sara and Mary. Jonah, Kate and Cassie and Gabby were also there at their own cute little table. The temperature got to be over 100, but we were in shade with fans blowing on us, there were cool drinks to sip on, and even ice cold washcloths to keep everyones faces and neck cool. It was well worth it!

Below is a photo of most all of the yummy food. There were 2 different kinds of scones with lemon curd and apricot brandy jelly to go on them, 2 different kinds of stuffed mushrooms, cucumber sandwiches and chicken basil sandwiches, potatoes stuffed with sour cream, blue cheese filled apricots, chocolate dipped strawberries, cream puffs, and a gorgeous cake! What a spread!

Check out these amazing cream puffs Jenny made in the shape of swans!

The group of women

The kids invited to tea

There were even popsicles to cool us all down! Yummy!

Mom felt so spoiled by all the wonderful homemade gifts and cute baby girl items given to her for me.

Thank you Jenny and Nana for all your hard work! It was all so wonderful!

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